Fave-Find Friday

It’s been a long couple of weeks, with some more long ones up ahead. Megan has big exams coming up soon, and Joe’s been hard at work on his album, which is officially released this weekend. Also on tap for the weekend: today we’re off for a prenatal appointment, and Sunday we’ll see Esperanza Spalding in San Francisco.


Some links we’ve discovered while procrastinating this week…

Have you heard about this movie on Van Gogh? Seriously mesmerizing.

This new cookbook for kids looks beautiful. Bookmarking for the future!

Can a tiny kitchen make you a better cook?

This is what free, open borders look like.

How society monitors the pregnant body.

Recipe to try: brussels sprouts chips.

Yummy weeknight meals.


Fave-Find Friday

This weekend is looking low-key for us… just the way we like it! We have schoolwork and housework to do as usual, plus some fun baby things, like starting our registry and trying a new prenatal yoga class. The little gal is moving up a storm, especially when Joe plays piano.

citrus olive oil cake

Speaking of pregnancy stuff, this was timely.

Made this olive oil cake last night with one of our CSA oranges. So moist and delicious—highly recommended!

Some beautiful thoughts on kids in the kitchen. Bookmarking for use in about 3 years.

A tip to stop crying while chopping onions (not sure about this…)

This week Megan burned her tongue and gave herself heartburn by eating too much pineapple. It was still worth it. But how crazy is THIS fact about pineapples?!

A fun and nerdy date night idea (which we’re trying out tomorrow before we make our registry!).

CSA Wednesday: Week 55

Our CSA newsletter today apologized for the lack of variety in the winter, but we really think they do a good job! We love that in a given week, we get lots of thing, and not too much of any of them—even if that means a little repetition week to week. Those of you with winter CSAs, how varied is your delivery?


This week: oranges, carrots, spinach, lettuce, pistachios, potatoes, and a spring onion. Not too shabby!

Travel Tapas

yosemite 3

Last weekend we took advantage of our Monday off and drove out to Yosemite! It doesn’t take long to get there from the Bay Area, and our drive was broken up by views of vastly different landscapes: from suburban freeways we crossed into rolling green hills (yes, actually green thanks to the rain!) peppered with windmills, then more rural roads lined with beautifully blossoming almond trees (some photos from last year), and finally the winding mountain roads of the Sierras as we scaled up toward our destination.

yosemite 2

We did a lot of hiking on trails that were remarkably warm and almost completely free of snow. We craned our necks up at El Capitan (we swear we saw two climbers way up toward the top… can they climb this time of year?) and Half Dome, shivered in the cool mist of Bridalveil Fall and Yosemite Falls, and stuffed ourselves silly at the Ahwahnee Hotel brunch.

yosemite 1

We spent our evenings in this cozy little cabin, where we rested our feet, watched a couple movies, talked about baby names, and of course enjoyed one of our favorite travel traditions: the hotel-room tapas spread! Whenever we take a driving trip, we fill our coolers so that we can have homemade granola and good coffee in the mornings, picnic lunches on hiking trails, and usually at least one snack spread for dinner in the room. This saves us a ton of money (not to mention time), plus keeps us from going overboard on the rich, salty foods at restaurants.


Here are some things we like to pack (not all pictured above, as it usually varies):

  • a variety of cheese with bread and crackers (for us this almost always includes goat cheese, Port Salut, and Vermont cheddar)
  • sliced veggies (carrots, celery, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, etc.)
  • hummus or ranch dip
  • edamame
  • fresh fruit
  • bruschetta (homemade, or the one in the jar from Trader Joe’s)
  • tortilla chips, salsa, sour cream, and avocado
  • pickles
  • olives
  • salami or pepperoni for the meat-eaters
  • pita, feta, and hummus
  • olive oil and balsamic vinegar for dipping the bread
  • any random leftovers that need to be cleared from our fridge at home

To make this meal possible, we try to find lodging with at least a fridge (a microwave will open up lots of other possibilities, too). We bring along a couple knives mini cutting boards, some salt and pepper, paper towels or napkins, and disposable plates and spoons. Hotel rooms usually have cups or mugs. And don’t forget a bottle opener if you’re bringing beer or wine!

This little guy was into his traveling tapas, too—and not at all afraid of humans.

yosemite 4.JPG

What do you like to eat when you travel? Do you splurge on gourmet, or do you get tired of eating out?

Fave-Find Friday

What’s going on this weekend? We have a barbecue, a brunch, and a whole lot of work to catch up on. Not quite as magical as last weekend in Yosemite, but sometimes you need a little normalcy, right?

ansel adams

A couple things that grabbed our attention this week:

Every weekend should be a three-day weekend (duh!). In Spain Megan never had class on Fridays, which was pretty typical. And awesome.

A van Gogh room on Airbnb.

These broccoli melts look so deliciously comforting for a cool evening.

Notes from the Master (is this what babies are really like?).

A sad, moving essay on being a girl (content warning: sexual violence).

On shopping for maternity clothes. Hilarious.

(photo from The Ansel Adams Gallery)

Fave-Find Friday: Yosemite Edition

Happy Valentine’s Day and happy long weekend! Any fun plans? We are heading for a quick winter trip to Yosemite, where we’ll stay in a rustic cabin (tiny but with its own bathroom, which is a necessity at five months pregnant), hike around Yosemite Valley if it isn’t too snowy, eat brunch at the famous Ahwahnee, go ice skating, and enjoy some decompression time with limited cell reception.


A few fun reads…

Is joy what we’re missing in our schools?

Ferrell and Colbert—hilarious.

A fun hummus hack to try.

Yet another plea for paid maternity leave.

Will you celebrate Galentine’s Day this year?

Enjoy your weekend! Next week we’ll tell you about what we did (and ate) in Yosemite.